31 Eki 2008

Juxtapositions VI: Hijomalind

This is a slightly different piece of the serie. it includes hand drawings.

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OnurT dedi ki...
Bu yorum bir blog yöneticisi tarafından silindi.
dchetin dedi ki...

geleceği kurmak mı dayatmak mı?

blogunuzu yeni keşfettim. mimarlık fakiri bizler için daha açıklayıcı yazarsanız seviniriz.

iyi bloglamalar..

Julien Dekosta dedi ki...

first of all,since I want to share my views with everyone in the world, I prefer to make the discussions in english.

And you are asking me if this is about dictating or creating the future.
Let me put it this way, I refer my ideas mostly on situationism which is basically about creating a life composed of free play of events. And in this frame, I can only dream, and encourage people to dream as well.
Dictation is what we stand against!

Thanks for you attention.

dchetin dedi ki...

honestly, i have affected and inspired by your images/creations. these are all breathtaking views.

nevertheless, i may refuse the idea of "free play of events". in my opinion creation should be a common-play.

i am glad to see that you are open to talk on your works.

OnurT dedi ki...

Hey Deko(sta)ray, did you removed my commet because of its no explaination?

Here an explaination if you want decoder ( :D ): It just looks like Konyaaltı variant of Antalya so could you wanna destroy the Museum and Falez Otels? :D

Oh man...