3 Kas 2008

Spaces of Subconscious: "Being John Malkovich"

Please try to remember all those weird hidden spots where you used to play or try to remember the meanings you gave to spaces of your childhood, which shape the amazing products of imagination like doors to nowhere, corridors to different dimensions, plays under the little table and the huge worlds you built there. Those are the origins of we grown ups' spatial perspective.

Yes the topic is “the spaces of subconscious” and because of its astonishing spatiality, I can’t think of a better example to refer to, “Being john Malkovich” . A company between the 7th and the 8th floors of The Flemmer Building in Manhattan and a supernatural tube that takes people to John Malkovich’s body. how awkward is that!

“6.15 at Malkovich”, that’s how they organize a date. But where is Malkovich? A café, a hotel, a street? No, Malkovich is only a body with conscious but his spatiality enlarges enough to host another lives. I did say “spatiality of a person”, yes.
And that chase scene in Malkovich’s mind, while his subconscious becomes spatial, it transforms into a battleground for two girls. There we see doors, windows, corridors, passages, holes, shutters, namely almost all transition elements of architecture and those create the fluid scenography of Malkovich's life with all its periods. His subconscious has an architectural character and all the events o
f his past are mapped with spatial elements.

Then, now you think about a dream you saw, could it be a different dream if the life you live had a different spatial setup? So, does the spatial visualization capability of subconscious point out that the ones who create spaces can intentionally sneak into our minds?


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Yay! Everytime I read your entries, I feel enlightened.

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