22 Eki 2008

the spectacle of distraction

Information effects society, information gets transformed into feelings and emotions. If someone is able to access to information, then accesses, and the "distractive information" is always the more attracting ones. Foucault, in this sense, ignores “agency” that he does not think an individual can intentionally choose to get away from any kinds of discourse. Here, it is possible to define a simple equation; more information means more effects on society and a distracted society is always the more controllable one.

Do we individuals have no choice but to participate?

I can always close my internet but why do I turn on my TV?

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nigg dedi ki...

the worst thing is "knowing" that somebody else also have ability to "know" the same thing ( also ; maybe in a updated value ) after knowing this information, it becomes like -jealousy- . although you say that, you dont want to be a ring of this circle, because of your nature you always want to be informed at least "know what is going on". because you also want to go on - but there is always a beauty that is very rare around -ignoring also your"self" and look with some new information from a different world.
a small connection with the previous blog could be, seeing the
very masculin buildings as 3 big memories you could never forget.so now you see your picture,your urban platform like your collective memory. how many different ways we could read a visual ?