21 Eki 2008

Here we go: Julien's Manifesto

Life is composed of situations. And they take place in urban environments. What matters for me is to have “situations” those transform into “feelings”. What matters is to be able to feel as much as possible as myself.
There exist countless feelings and emotions in life and I would only be complete If I can feel fhings like fear, lust, anger, delight, disgust, love, envy, worry, enthusiasm, passion...as they really are. Although we human beings have the capacity to feel all those sets of emotions, we are living trapped in a limited emotional environment. We are no longer able to feel as we desire; the society is getting numb, so the people.
I am questioning all these by thinking about spaces, society, power and the agency.
So, I will be blogging about our "urban situations", I will try to "feel " as much as possible and will let you to share that.
Let the life be complicated, as long as we are involved in.

*Img. Ladder Labrynth, Constant Nieuwenhuys

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Let be the involved, not the dispossessed. nice manisfest.